Virtual Personal Training Plans now available!!

As well as run coaching, we are pleased to be able to offer virtual personal training plans to help support runners.

Whether you are returning to running after an injury, or you want to work on injury prevention; if you want to improve your posture and running form, or just want to get generally stronger and fitter to help support your running load – we can help!

Following an initial online consultation, we put together a personalised plan for you to help you achieve your strength and conditioning goals.

No equipment, no problem! We can create a plan based on bodyweight exercises, and using items you may have around the house. If you do have equipment such as dumbbells and resistance bands , then we can include those. Every plan is written specific to the individual taking your specific needs into account.

We can write a one off strength plan for you, or create a rolling program that is reviewed each month.

PT plans cost £40/4 week block

If you already have a running plan with us, then the additional PT plan is just £20 (£60 per month for both)

Get in touch for more information!