RunWell revitalises Tammie’s training!

We are really grateful to Tammie for taking the time to tell us how having a structured training plan from RunWell has revitalised her running in just a few weeks!
I am an experienced runner (with a few marathons and half’s under my belt) and I happily trotted out 30+ miles a week with no real purpose other than staying fit and for my mental health (particularly during these challenging times).  On a club run with a friend we started talking ‘race times’ and I said how mine had never really improved my first half was 1:45 and my best since then was 1:40:11 she suggested coaching and Jo from Runwell and one month in, here I am!
My runs have structure and purpose, I feel stronger and have far more trust in myself when doing the speed stuff. Jo is always there to answer questions and most importantly for me personally to be my cheerleader and at times my counsellor.
How did I not do this 20 years ago? I feel great and that is before I even start achieving my goals of cutting time of my PBS.
I cannot recommend Jo enough…..don’t wait 20 years like me“!!
Well done Tammie and thanks for your fantastic feedback!
It’s never too late to start structuring your training, or to achieve a goal. It could be a fitness goal, a race goal or a ‘feeling’ goal – we can help with them all!  We have athletes of all ages and abilities following our plans. From beginners to veterans, if you’d like to know more please get in touch with us by clicking here.