I began running as part of my recovery after an accident at work and to give me something to focus on. So the journey for me began in July 2018 where I completed the Cleobury Mortimer 10k. Shortly after, I joined CMRC where I met two wonderful coaches in Andie and Jo.
When I started my running journey I set myself a few goals, one of which was to run a marathon in the same year as my turning 30. Since I joined the club, I ┬ánever had a plan; I just went out and ran one pace – no intervals or mix of training. My theory was to just run.
After winging it for so long, I decided to sign up for Manchester Marathon and take things a little more seriously with some structure to the training.
I sought the advice of Jo, and between us we went through what I wanted to achieve and what she thought I could achieve. Her expectations we are a lot higher than mine but in a good way; she clearly knows what she is on about!
The plan was tailor made to my way of life so I could fit runs in around my family life, which was fantastic. With all this in mind, there was no pressure on the training because it was all written to suit me. I stopped booking all the races under the sun and concentrated on the bigger picture and main goal, with the help and advice of Jo along the way. If I was unsure about anything or had to juggle things around, we made contact and sorted it out to fit.
I can’t thank them enough in helping me improve my running and general way of life. Since being on a plan I’ve achieved 5k PB (from 22.03 mins to 20.53 mins) and half marathon PB (1.46.43 to 1.40.26).