Liz thanks RunWell after she gets a PB at Oxford HM!

I first contacted Jo about 6 months ago after entering the Oxford half marathon. I had been a runner for a couple years and had already completed 2 half marathons but the second one particularly left me feeling utterly knackered and in pain and I thought that there must be a better way to train. I found plans in magazines and online confusing and unrealistic given the amount of time I have to train. Jo changed all this completely!

After asking me lots of questions about my commitments and when and how often I could train she produced a fantastic week by week bespoke plan – all colour coded and easy to follow and with lots of detailed instructions about the different sorts of runs. Learning about running at different effort levels was fascinating (having previously just run at one effort level) and the plan was really fun to follow – no 2 weeks are the same so you never get bored of doing the same old thing!

I felt thoroughly prepared by the time race day came and really felt able to push myself and I was delighted to knock 10 minutes off my last half marathon time! More than that though I felt ok afterwards and my legs recovered much more quickly.


The other thing to say is that I managed to completely avoid injury during training and I feel sure that this is down to the plan. I felt so sad that the plan had finished once race day was over that I have asked Jo to make a maintenance plan for me and I will continue with this until I start training for my next event! Jo’s support has been fantastic throughout the whole process – from keeping a close eye on strava to offering unlimited email support. I also feel that these plans offer very good value for money. Thoroughly recommend!