Kate’s RunWell success story

Kate started training with RunWell 12 months ago. As a busy mum working in education and training she needed the structure of a weekly running plan to ensure that she wasn’t wasting any of her precious training time. During this time she has accomplished many of her goals, PBing in all distances and recently running her first marathon!

We regularly see how our athletes are ‘feeling’ as their training progresses and Kate and coach Andie check in with each other regularly, swapping sessions around if needed and updating as we go along. Each month we discuss her upcoming goals and balance those with her own training time, club sessions and races.

This is what she wrote to us back in November:

I have been running for just over a year and it has completely changed my life. In that year I have accomplished so much thanks to training plans and the support from RunWell. I have completed three half Marathons getting quicker and stronger each time. I completed Birmingham half on the 14th October where I took 5 mins off my personal best. I could not have done this without the support, encourage and inspiration RunWell has given me.


I highly recommend RunWell the plans they give, these are personal to what you want to achieve and you are supported along you way and they really really work.

Thank you so much Andie and Jo.

If you’d like to follow in Kate’s footsteps please get in touch now!