November 16, 2017

Joanne Watson

I love running!

And as a coach I love nothing more than helping other people learn to love running too. I enjoy working with people to set, and then achieve, goals they previously only dreamt of.

I found my love of running as an adult, after managing to avoid sport for most of my childhood! After the birth of my children, I needed something that would help me get me fitter and give me some ‘me’ time, and I quickly fell in love with running. My passion took me on a path from social running to competitive running, to co-founding a running club with Andie and on to training as a running coach myself.

Since qualifying as a running coach, I have worked with a wide range of people from complete beginners, to improvers, to seasoned marathon runners.
I coach both individuals and groups of athletes, and still regularly compete in all distances myself.

RunningĀ makes everything better- I have achieved goals I previously wouldn’t have dreamt of and I am passionate about sharing that with others.

Jo is UK Athletics Coach in Running FitnessĀ and a Level 2 Lydiard Coach.

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