November 2, 2017

Coaching Services

How does RunWell Coaching work?

Once you’ve decided that a personalised coaching plan is for you, you will receive an email with our athlete questionnaire and contract of commitment. Simply fill in the questionnaire, giving us details about your running goals, your current training schedule and other life commitments, and email it back to us. We’ll then write a truly individualised training plan for you based on your answers. Plans are written in four week blocks and are designed to fit in with your life – they will enable you to train smarter and achieve your goals.

We, at RunWell, will contact you regularly throughout your training. We require lots of athlete feedback to ensure that your training plan is truly working for you. We may suggest adjustments to the training schedule based on your feedback. We offer unlimited email support as part of your coaching plan. Every four weeks we will have a review of your training plan, before your next plan starts. We coach athletes for any distance; from beginners wanting to run their first 5k, to athletes running marathons and ultra-marathons. Whatever your ability, we can create a coaching plan for you. We also offer a ‘one-off’ coaching plan option. These plans are also personalized for you, but are purchased in their entirety; these plans do not include ongoing support.

Every Run Well Personalised Coaching plan includes:

• Personalised training plan based on your athlete questionnaire

• RunWell ‘Training runs explained’ document

• RunWell ‘Running rules’ document

Our monthly plans also include:

• Unlimited ongoing email support

• Expert advice on race strategy, race planning and running technique

How much does it cost?

Monthly Run Well plans
A coaching plan tailored to meet your individual needs. Suitable for beginner’s through to experienced runners.
This plan includes full support via email, with a review every 4 weeks.
Coaching plans can be stopped at any time.
£40/4 weeks

One off Run Well plans
12 week plan £60

16 week plan £80

20 week plan £100

(£5 per week)

These plans are written specifically for you based on your athlete profile, but are bought in their entirety and do not come with ongoing support.

1:1/Small group coaching session

We also offer 1:1 or small group coaching session sessions where we meet with athletes and observe their current running form.
We will advise on running technique, and provide drills and exercise to improve.
Prices start from £45 per hour depending on location. Please get in touch for further information.

School Sessions
Coach Jo is a qualified primary teacher (BaHons Primary Education with QTS) and has over 15 years teaching experience. We are able to deliver tailored PE lessons and run coaching in schools, either during the day or in after school clubs.

£85.00 /AM  75.00/PM  £150.00/ All Day

Hourly rate available

Both coaches have full DBS enhanced certificates.
Get in touch for more information.

Virtual personal Training

We now offer virtual personal training plans to assist with general fitness, strength,return to running etc.

£40/4 weeks

More details found here: Click here

Other services, such as guided runs and video technique analysis are available by request.
Please get in touch for more details Click here